Note from the Author

Urbania is a collection evolved from my previous work with Roger Hudson on Side/Angles (Cityscapes), where I wrote poems based in and around Dublin and London. I wanted to take the concepts of Cityscapes further and so Urbania is part prophetic, part fanciful and sometimes all too real.

Iíll let the poems speak for themselves .. enjoy

Steve Downes Biography

Steve Downes was born in Drogheda Co. Louth, Ireland in 1973. He has been writing poetry and prose since 1992 and has been publishing and performing his work for over 18 years.

Steve's plays produced, performed and given awards are:

  • Until Morning 1995
  • Voices 1996
  • For God and Country 1997
  • The Creator 2006

Steve has poems and stories published in magazines and anthologies in Ireland, the UK and the USA. His poetry books to-date are:

  • The Pagan Field 1996
  • Celtic Echoes 2000 (with Tom Hodgins)
  • Side Angles 2005 (with Roger Hudson)

Steve Downes was educated as NUI Maynooth, where he received a BA in Classics and Anthropology in 2001 and an MA in Research Anthropology in 2003

Steve currently lives somewhere in Ireland (he's not exactly certain where himself) and is working on several projects, including several E-publications, a sc-fi novel series and screen and stage plays. He continues to write for magazines and competitions. Steveís Blog can be viewed at:

Steve Downes