Something Wonderful

Amid the madness of eyes on stalks
            wagging tongues drying out in the bluster of their own chatter
            hip-shake walks of boys stepping out as girls
            and girls tough as boys
a tattoo parlour of colour needles the scene against
a Soho coffee shop backdrop
the good
and the bad
and those of us who are both
perhaps all of us are paradoxes
we move as birds flock
to and from the drudgeries and pleasures
one to the other
back and forth
            anticipating or dreading the alternations
            they tell me
the coffee is good
but irrelevant to the location
certainly irrelevant to me

Something Wonderful has come
come to pass
or come to realisation
            perhaps the sipper doesn’t know the difference
            and couldn’t really care
Something Good
is an addiction
not administered but absorbed through the senses
as magnificent as the microcosms of creatures passing by 
too long can be spent here and roots may grow down
finish the cup and leave

A little brown circle on the heavy china saucer
beside it a little too much change
and a flyer
for some destination of moral question 
to the arms of Something Wonderful
forget the oscillations of the flock
for a few smitten moments