Straight Pride

A bar
Gay Pride Day
Dublin City 2009
let’s have a look around
careful now don’t want to upset
the two butch lesbians
tattoos and mullets
non-conformist stereotypes
don’t want to look like I’m looking
but curiosity is a sly cat
quickly swivel in my seat
to avoid a conversation with the two
anthropology professors from Zaire
they really want to talk about their hobby to someone
not me please
I blush at the mention of dildos
and sweat in cotton as it is
a tall man with elegant fingers drops his eyes
perhaps a sly cat too
or something more
a young one with furry boots winks
and I drop my gaze
oh! wooden floor
don’t see it much in Dublin these days
                        embarrassed in this day and age
            to myself
three teens in the corner giggling
a boy
a girl
and over a pint of plain
little old me
I wonder if I can start a focus group
‘the only straight in the village!’
support and counselling
once a year