Peacocks and Poppets

Outdoor coffee
Grafton St. and disco 2000 is a golden oldie

A collision of youth
hormonally horny
eyes darting on the daily carnival
a pallet of contradictions
Picasso’s peacocks 
black clad emos
cyclops fringe and ruby mouths
long haired death or deaf metal heads
with skeletal faces and silver ears
or noses or nipples 
chattering poppets in day glow tracksuits
orange pink and yellow
blue booted girls walking like well heeled women
all engaged in the gyrations of adolescence
a dance with voices and glances for music
free from love and its restrictions and small joys
it’s all about plumage and pageantry
a world
the world
revolving around each of them

and me
a dried out moon
orbiting their second hand light
not bitter or resentful
just smiling and humming
Disco 2000