As termites move
scenting their familiar path
following in familiar footfalls
so move us
ballet of the enslaved
chemically induced impulses
chaining us to our animal selves 
ether webs catching us
as spiders ensnare mindless flies

Electric conversations buzz along
the overhead cables
the nerves of the Beast enlighten
embraced utterly by the swarm  
forming our days into generation
and respite and spite

It’s late
the 8:35
the little green man
the black cab
the red bus
walk – don’t walk
wake – don’t wake
tired eyes
searching for the way in the colony
following familiar paths
following familiar footfalls
eyes tired
on standby
little red light supplied by the cables
not switched on
            but working
breathing for the ballet to continue

The Leviathan breathes in
breathes out
breathes in
the chemicals enthral us
another lungful of termites
another generation made invisible in his mass 


Photo by Duirmuid Jones