Cybernoia Cafe

Sleeping eyes open to sobriety from engrossed lethargy
a medicated shroud of self-indulgence lifted momentarily
voices chatter back
            but not forth
each earbox buzzing with ethertalk
one sided conversations blended into a muddle of nonsensical gesticulations
while rapid thumbs tap out nanospeak in a series of electronic grunts
            the caveman has found microfire

Total immersion – 2D/3D – sub-reality
the second Prometheus flame engulfing all fleshly fuel and sanity
until only 1’s and 2’s remain
tongues d-evolved to ‘positive’ and ‘negativity’
no more maybes or what ifs in the cold circuitry

re-branded – renewed – re-booted
listen around to the solitary mouths pounding out
numbers for words formed to abbreviate
                                                relate and
what is excess is irrelevance
laugh out loud – no one’s heeding at any rate

All eyes are pricked
all ears are peeled for infor-gossip
no human to human communication in a room of mind
            hooked up
            logged on
clued in but checked out
Beep goes the screen – blank goes the sound of modernation
Game Over … Man!
time for termination