No One and the Sky

It’s raining mercury teardrops
No One looks up
heads are heavy on necks
as bowling balls held up with straw
eyes are fixed down
pinned to the cigarette-butt floor
lids form clouds
covering any possible elevation
No One looks up
Streets of these stooped steppers
stepping stone lined ratmaze
glass square eyes flashing epileptic adverts
double burgers with extra cheese
cheese with extra double burger
cheap holiday
cheap shoes
cheap coffee
cheap cheap cheap
sings out a little bird on a wilted treetop
no faces are craned up
no ears are bent above the horn and engine
or other stooped steppers
No One’s
carrying his bowling ball home
a trudge in the silver mercury downpour
heavier the head
bringing his toes closer into view
“emmmm need new shoes”

But – Suddenly – And then
all the literary no-no’s in one random moment
a spear of fire thrown through the gloom
work its way through the grim grey sky
and strikes the eye
No One looks up
his weighted head creaking the vertebrate
click   click   click
some great rusted tower complaining from disuse
his iris exploding expanding experiencing
the light the colour the vast atmosphere
It sits on the city
dwarfs it to a blacked thumbprint
a smudge on the green paper of land
No One sees the scrapers taper to the blue wet abyss 
he bends his ear and understands the birdsong
it’s not cheap
beauty is always expensive
No One will pay the price
stood still among the stooped steppers
head light with wonder and dreams

Up is so difficult
as compared to down
the slumped direction of easily self repression
No One can go back to inclination
Stood alone as beacon a target a fool
among fools
Perhaps the others
bowling balls pulling their toes up from the dirty ground
will comprehend compromise or show compassion
to the One who would dare to look up from the grind
stone is the only expression
in another poetic defiance
they do not stand on but bump against No One’s shoulders
they speak
in muttered sullen tones
against No One’s views Any One’s views Every One’s views
yet No One moves from looking up
once they have begun
the sky moving across the earth is too great a force
One among the no ones is looking up forever
into the heavens the cosmos
to One
to Someone
to Himself